José Galaz Mora

My personal website where I plan to put some share-able work I think you may like, and some other information about my activities. For now, please check the projects section, or scroll to the bottom if you want to know about me


Some interactive web applications I have developed and wanted to share. These are mathematicals models turned into games, or at least that is what I aimed for. Hope you enjoy them, and have a good time while clicking here and there in the simulations.

Teaching Activities

About Me

I am a Mathematical Engineering Student at the PUC School of Engineering in Chile . I am passionate about studying, analyzing, developing, implementing and applying mathematical models, specially those related to natural phenomena.

Though this is my main occupation, recently I started to introduce myself into web development, and hence this site. Also I some times am a musician (flutist/pianist) :). If you want to know more about me, contact me using the links below.